At tasqs we bring solutions to fix and improve healthcare processes. We focus our efforts on increasing your patient satisfaction through improved patient relations.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

tasqs is an on-demand web service, billed monthly, dependant on the size and need of the healthcare facility. Most of our clients range from $550 per month to $1700 with multiple locations/integrations, etc.

How does it work?

The application is delivered over the Internet, to any Wi-Fi location.

Who typically uses this system?

Patient Advocates, Guest Services, Patient Relations, Discharge Planning, etc.

Is it secure?

Yes, We use the top security protocols and highest Internet encryption methods available today.

Can I log in from home?

Yes, any secure Internet location will work.

What if a patient sends a letter that I want to include?

Our system can upload any scanned or faxed document to the work history.

How long does a typical implementation take?

15 to 40 days, depending on training needs and size of the institution.

How much does support cost per year?


Do I have to involve my IT or IS group?

No. This is an on-demand, web service.

How much training do I need?

Not much. We developed this application to be very intuitive and user friendly.

Who do I call for support?

Use the contact us "button" on the application. We have a 24 hour response guarantee for all of our customers.

What if I want to cancel?

A sixty day written notice is required for cancellations.

Does this work on a hand-held smart phone, Ex. Apple iPhone?


Can you further customize or add more options to the service?

Yes, if needed.

Can this connect with other hospital systems?

Yes, we offer many integration or connection points into most systems.

What if I have to train a new employee?

Most training can be done using a webinar or other online meeting portals.

Can we add our logo and name?


How many users can the system handle?

Virtually unlimited, our server farm is designed to handle any client load.

Can you automate reporting?

Yes, this is a popular feature of the service.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about tasqs

Benefits of tasqs
  • Accelerate service recovery by instantly escalating patient concerns
  • Empower front line staff to take a more active role in patient satisfaction, safety and quality initiatives by moving feedback capture from a back-office to a front-line activity
  • Improve patient relations & customer service by ensuring that every issue is escalated properly and no feedback falls through the cracks
  • Resolve issues through automated alerts before they inflate into major problems
  • Increase staff productivity with automated reporting capabilities and form letter templates
  • Maximize resource utilization by quickly analyzing trends & patterns and deploying resources to the areas that truly need attention
  • Easier compliance with regulatory bodies such as JCAHO, CMS, HIPAA and CCHSA by collecting data in the format and at the frequency they require
  • Support and upgrades ensure that you can never outgrow the product