At tasqs we bring solutions to fix and improve healthcare processes. We focus our efforts on increasing your patient satisfaction through improved patient relations.
About Us

tasqs has proven results that demonstrate how increased patient satisfaction results in higher satisfaction scores. These lessons can provide a fresh insight into the approach with patients and can lead to a greater understanding of patients' needs and increased levels of compliance. The patient trust that evolves will create a foundation on which you can build for years to come.

tasqs enables hospitals and every healthcare provider the power to provide service excellence to your customers and capture valuable insight into your organization's performance by accurately tracking customer complaints, compliments and inquiries.

The application is web-based allowing easy, but secure, anywhere access to quickly alter configurations or run reports without complication and without an IT staff!

tasqs provides administrators with operational reports in real-time and driven by any parameters including most you can think of; such as, date-range, location, and results by question. Resultant reports may be immediately displayed for printing or e-mailed for timely implementation.

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Benefits of tasqs
  • Accelerate service recovery by instantly escalating patient concerns
  • Empower front line staff to take a more active role in patient satisfaction, safety and quality initiatives by moving feedback capture from a back-office to a front-line activity
  • Improve patient relations & customer service by ensuring that every issue is escalated properly and no feedback falls through the cracks
  • Resolve issues through automated alerts before they inflate into major problems
  • Increase staff productivity with automated reporting capabilities and form letter templates
  • Maximize resource utilization by quickly analyzing trends & patterns and deploying resources to the areas that truly need attention
  • Easier compliance with regulatory bodies such as JCAHO, CMS, HIPAA and CCHSA by collecting data in the format and at the frequency they require
  • Support and upgrades ensure that you can never outgrow the product


Client Testimonials
"This complaint management application is so simple, I cannot imagine doing my job any other way..."
Floor Supervisor
700 bed hospital, Chicago, IL
"The instant service recovery is invaluable."
VP of Nursing
400 bed hospital, Milwaukee, WI
"20 minutes of training and we were off."
Patient Representative
240 bed hospital, Elgin, IL
"So fast and easy to roll out..." "We are looking to tasqs to help us better manage our satisfaction levels."
QA Manager
350 bed hospital, Columbus, OH
What's New


June 17, 2010 - tasqs announces new First year free program to select institutions

In order to drive new business and allow for tight budgets to be leveraged, tasqs brings tasqs to the forefront of patient satisfaction management. New clients will receive a reprieve on all monthly subscription costs during the first 12 months of the program.


June 17, 2010 - tasqs brings Patient Satisfaction program e-MedRounds to Major New York Hospital

Details to follow implementation.


April 14, 2010 - tasqs announces new healthcare staffing program

With all of our experts in healthcare, we are constantly asked about referrals. We are now offering a direct placement model for nurses, medical techs, coders/billers and Patient Access personnel. These potential employees will be screened by experts and delivered with references. Our healthcare network allows for a quick review of potential candidates and trusted recommendations from local hiring executives.


March, 16 2010 - tasqs unveils new Electronic Health Record or EMH/EMR Assessment tool kit.

Enable yourself with a software expert while choosing your EHR or EMR system. tasqs believes that every institution or clinic that implements a new record management tool should consult with industry experts.


January 12, 2010 - tasqs introduces new iPhone and Blackberry application for Nurse Rounding

Recognizing the growing use of handheld smart phones, tasqs has developed a new Smartphone image which will allow for instant "sync" to its nurse rounding program (e-MedRounds) or patient satisfaction tool suite (tasqs). While our clients do still use COWS (computers on wheels), some are migrating forward to the smart phone for data collection.